Falconry is a lifestyle choice and one that is ultimately rewarding. It is based on a mutual relationship of commitment, respect and trust.

What We Offer

Our Falconry Experience

The Falconry Experience is very dynamic and lasts approximately two hours. We start with an introduction to the smaller members of our display team, namely the Kestrel and Barn Owl, which fly to our guest’s glove. We then move on to the lure flying our Lanner, Gyr x Saker and Perigrine falcons. The sheer speed and grace of the birds is witnessed at close hand, finally we take a walk with our Harris Hawks in our 50 acre fields, an exhilarating experience to remember.

Hawking Walks

A Hawk Walk involves handling and flying our Harris hawks through woodlands. This is a unique one hour experience. It involves a short instruction on safely handling your hawk, before taking them out under supervision into the woodland where it will follow you through the trees and return to your glove in spectacular style, gliding and stooping from the heights of the trees.

Hunting Day with Hawks

Our hawks are also available to take hunting. This involves the use of ferrets and is the perfect opportunity to see the birds performing at their best and in their most natural way. The day begins with a short informal introduction to the birds you will be spending the day with. During this time you will be shown how to handle and fly your bird safely. During the hunting experience the hawks and you will work as a team and you will see the power of the birds, fast stoops and chasing prey.

Owl experience

An owl experience lasts approximately one hour and enables you to learn, whilst you handle and fly owls of all shapes and sizes. This experience begins with a short introduction to the owls, which range from the barn owl through to the large eagle owls for the able adult. One of our experienced keepers will guide you as you fly, feed and handle each bird. This is a one on one and very hands on experience and provides a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of owls from all corners of the world.

Flying Displays

Woodland Hawking can provide bird of prey displays and handling experiences for corporate events and other activity groups of any size. We are happy to cater to requirements for photographic events, team building, staff or client away days. We aim to get all members of the group involved in handling and flying a variety of birds of prey ranging from owls to hawks and falcons. A display can be tailored depending on your requirements and provides plenty of opportunities to ask questions and gain extra knowledge surrounding the art and history of falconry and birds of prey. For more information about what we offer and/or to book an experience, please contact us.

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